• Force Majeure

    Solo Exhibition - 2012
    Linda Warren Projects – 327 N Aberdeen St #151, Chicago, IL 60607

    1, 2  Installation Shots
    3, 4  16ths on Center – drywall, reclaimed drum set hardware, rug
    5      16ths on Center – video documentation of performance
    6      Untitled (Lamp) – cymbal stands, conduit, porcelain light fixture, incandescent light bulb
    7      Tracks 1 – 7 (Pattern Studies) – snare hits through carbon transfer sheets on paper
    8, 9  Mutually Exclusive – record player, receiver, speakers, drywall cut from gallery wall
    10    Time and Motion – fireplace, fluorescent light bulbs

    "Force Majeure" is a solo exhibition that took place at Linda Warren Projects in Chicago, Il. This show consisted of an assortment of constructed and found objects that conflate my interests as a musician and fabricator. The end result being an investigation into the commonalities of form and sonic manipulation of objects.